Jan 7, 2013

hello? is anyone out there!? 

if not, it's ok. I just need this for me. i need a place i can share things i love. not just photography, but other things too. even if i'm writing to nobody, or for nobody, i'm writing for me. 

it's 2013! 2012 changed me so much. i retired from ballet and started a completely different journey. 


yes, that crazy thing you see on facebook and have heard about lately. 
i've been doing it for about a year and 4 months. i love it. i want to be good at it. it's become a passion. 

so, now that i have this new passion (other than photo taking), i need to share it. right? even if i'm sharing it to no one but the air. 

this is my life lately....
-eating healthy. i'm a paleo lover. have been for 10 months now. i love love love eating this way. it's the best challenge and learning process. i enjoy a healthy diet! i like steak more than cookies for crying out loud! 

-working out 5 times a week. fit is always better right? i crave a six pack. who doesn't? 

-photography (but i'll save that for my photography blog)

-boyfriend. he some how got me liking football. i will watch a football game and actually vocally cheer. i like him:)

ok, so what i'm going to do is...well, thats what i need to decide, but i'm going to blog on here. i'm going to write about what inspires me. 

this is my other passion. they come at random times, but i feel so happy it's in my life. i've welcomed it with open arms and want to keep learning more about nutrition, healthy recipes, and awesome people who love it. 

i guess i better get working on a new makeover for this blog. 

talk to you soon,


Aug 17, 2011

ode to garage cleaning.

cleaning the garage is no fun.
photographing while cleaning the garage..??
much more fun.

Aug 12, 2011

My Style Photo Shoots.

I did a styled photo shoot last month with the 3 most beautiful girls.
(i'm not just saying that)
My job as the stylist was to design and create something whimsical.
Our theme was baking for this scene.
Most of the stuff I gathered from my mom's.
thankfully she has a lot of great stuff to choose from right in her own kitchen!

finished product:

To see more from this shoots click HERE
Email me if you interested in your own styled shoot.


Aug 3, 2011

cali, from my iphone.

 it's good to be back. even though cali is my home away from home.