Jan 7, 2013

hello? is anyone out there!? 

if not, it's ok. I just need this for me. i need a place i can share things i love. not just photography, but other things too. even if i'm writing to nobody, or for nobody, i'm writing for me. 

it's 2013! 2012 changed me so much. i retired from ballet and started a completely different journey. 


yes, that crazy thing you see on facebook and have heard about lately. 
i've been doing it for about a year and 4 months. i love it. i want to be good at it. it's become a passion. 

so, now that i have this new passion (other than photo taking), i need to share it. right? even if i'm sharing it to no one but the air. 

this is my life lately....
-eating healthy. i'm a paleo lover. have been for 10 months now. i love love love eating this way. it's the best challenge and learning process. i enjoy a healthy diet! i like steak more than cookies for crying out loud! 

-working out 5 times a week. fit is always better right? i crave a six pack. who doesn't? 

-photography (but i'll save that for my photography blog)

-boyfriend. he some how got me liking football. i will watch a football game and actually vocally cheer. i like him:)

ok, so what i'm going to do is...well, thats what i need to decide, but i'm going to blog on here. i'm going to write about what inspires me. 

this is my other passion. they come at random times, but i feel so happy it's in my life. i've welcomed it with open arms and want to keep learning more about nutrition, healthy recipes, and awesome people who love it. 

i guess i better get working on a new makeover for this blog. 

talk to you soon,


1 comment:

  1. Happy new year, Janika!
    You have so manny hobbies! I wish I could be like that.
    I love photography too, but I wish I could learn how to do it.

    Good luck with your new life