Dec 15, 2010

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holidays have been a little different in my home this year.
i'm positive we are given certain trials for a reason.
ones to grow from and become stronger.
trials that change some for good and sadly some for bad.
i like to look at them as blessings.
we have no christmas lights or decorations up at our house this year..
not even our christmas tree. i know. it makes me sad too.
to save myself from feeling anti-christmas (which i'm not) i bought this pink tree.
yes, it's pink. i don't really have to many clothes that are pink nor decorate pink but...
it seemed right. 
it's far from the traditional tree but it has a special sparkle when the lights are on.
it makes me happy and thats what i was looking for.
maybe someday i'll share with you in depth the many changes my family is going through this season..
but, for now...enjoy my pink tree. 

miss janika

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