Jan 28, 2011

a "little" fashion.

this is madelyn 
(who am i kidding?? you knew that!)
i got to babysit madelyn all day thursday.

what we did:
- went to the A.F. hospital pink shop.
-ate almost a whole package of chocolate chips
-took a "happy" quiz on an episode of oprah (ok that was all me).
-played in her closet full of clothes!!

if your looking for a fun activity to do with your niece (or little girl)..
what we did was, first picked out 5 pairs of shoes.
then, we had to find outfits to go with them.
it was so fun. she loved it. i loved it.
then we photographed each outfit!

have a wonderful weekend everybody!



  1. Love this! Maybe I should start picking my outfits out by picking my shoes first.

  2. Her expressions and your talent combined ROCK MY WORLD! You can totally tell what she is thinking in some of these shots. Are we still on for February Fur????? We also need to get caught up on our Oscar nominated films, we are behind!
    LuVs to YoU