Feb 7, 2011

natural designs.

one of my most valuable sources of inspiration comes from what is all around us.
i think too many people only seek for inspiration on the internet but honestly...
 i think it's good to go outside and get inspired by what is around us.
there are so many fabulous creations that nature has created. 
who knew that nature liked art??
nature is a fabulous artist and provides us all with beautiful colors, patterns, and 
inspiration to last a lifetime. 

. . .

below are some photos i took at my grandparents home.
i found different elements of design and photographed them.
i think i might do this little photo design thing more often! 
thank you nature.

have a wonderful monday. xo-janika


  1. Jan!! I love this!!! These are beautiful pictures!! u r amazing!!! xoxo

  2. Ummm, so awesome! Very curious about the last pic! Is that a screen/storm door? Original? I loves it! The windows & design look a lot like our new door.

  3. thank you:)

    kelly, it's a window from the outside of my grandma's house. it's cute huh! it didn't come with the house when my grandparents bought it FOREVER ago but, i'm not sure when they did. it hasn't been too long. ooooh, i bet your door is way cute!