Feb 2, 2011

this is baby janika {me}.

just a small pondering thought to share...
tonight i sat and stared at this photo for what felt like a good ten minutes. it was weird. i felt a little bit sad. i felt a little bit happy. i can't believe i was once this small. i hadn't figured out the whole walking thing. i didn't even know what i wanted to be when i grew up. today i pondered about where i'm going and what i've become. then i thought about the life trials, miracles, lessons, and happy experiences i have had this past year.

 i also remembered what a wonderful friend of mine told me. she said, "you always want to take care of that little girl". that little girl may not look little anymore but she is still inside me (in my heart i believe). i want to always take care of her...

 happy february. i am so grateful for all the love and new people i've already met and associated with in this great start of 2011.

oh,  and i mean this in the most humble way...
 wasn't i a cute baby? i seem to think so:)

xoxo.  miss janika


  1. Awe jan!! I love you!!! You are so gorgeous!! And a beautiful baby girl!!! Xoxoxo

  2. Yes! You were and continue to remain a beautiful baby! However, the most beautiful thing about you is not what the eye can see but it is the way you make others feel. Your beauty oozes from the inside out.

  3. thank you so much allison. this is very sweet of you:)

    thank you rachelle:) thankyou emly:)