May 22, 2011

the final show.

my final show was last night.
it was full of every emotion.
i have never felt so full of love and gratitude in my life!
i love ballet, and these girls/teachers i've grown up with.
it has truly blessed my life and made me a stronger person.
i will miss it all a lot.
it's time for photography to fully explode.
i'm excited for the future and can't wait to create.
don't worry, during each photo shoot you will still see my on my "tipi toes" 
and pointing my toes without realizing it. 
the ballerina will always be in me.
. . .
my only down fall is when i'm on a date..
the boy usually finds its cool when i would say..
 "yes, i dance in a professional ballet company." 
i guess i have to find a cool new dating strategy.
any suggestions?
nah, who has time to date!
i only have time to create!! and do the elliptical..


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