May 10, 2011

i bet your pulling this face as well (see photo below)

though i have lacked in blogging. i'll have you know...i am not pulling this face.
i actually have had a lot of good luck these past couple of days. i feel like it all comes at the same time.
it's overwhelming really. maybe i should buy a lottery ticket?? thoughts??

i am excited for the future and excited to share it with you.
i find joy in knowing that there are people who may visit this blog that i've never met.
i hope that you will leave a comment or add me on facebook. 
i love knowing people who share the same passions as me.
i'm working on a little photo project right now. 
it's not quite done yet but, i think you will like it (maybe)
have a wonderful wednesday.
in the mean time..i posted a couple photo shoots over on the photo blog...HERE

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