Jun 27, 2011

it's a first and a first.

below this short story you have photos (of course)..
i didn't intend to actually document my life (hardly ever do)
i just happened to have my camera on me during a photo shoot break..
wow, i tried it for the first time and, wow.
it was delicious. 
it wasn't just the burger that caught my attention but,
the awesome employees.
the misses pictured below happened to be my favorite.
she helped us when ordering our burgers.
she then stopped my our table before i had taken a bite..
and said "do you like you burger?"
I then replied, "i'm not sure, i have never tried one here before."
she then laughed, came over and started choking me to death..
hahaha no no no i'm joking.
me and my friends were photographing ourselves taking our first bites of the burger.
(an important documenting moment at the time)
I hadn't had my turn yet, when this employee came by and asked how it was,
She then said, 
"you should take a picture of me choking this girl for having never tried our burgers before.."
thus, me getting choked. 
for the first time as well.
>>> <<<



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