Jun 16, 2011

stop. just look. how lucky are we?

how pretty are these flowers? how pretty are these colors? how lucky are we?
 there is beauty right in front of us most everywhere we go, that was created for us.
 i don't even have to set it up, style it.
it was already posed and ready for me to photograph.
there are so many pretty designs around us.
i need to make a special effort to capture them. 
enjoy your thursday.
i like thursdays..maybe it's because my lucky number is 4 
and it's the 4th day of the week.
i'm off to go paint!
(this post didn't sound A.D.D at all..psshhtt.)


  1. What are you painting? Pretty pictures! We've got some mean Peony's a blooming at our house... I love it!

  2. Nothing too special..my mom's arbor outside. I want to paint a real picture though! and was seriously considering doing it yesterday but ran out of time:( thanks! yay for peony's!

  3. i love the number four! four is a fantastic number. one of my favorites actually. (: