Jan 12, 2011

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way back when. before my camera i have now was born... 
when my dream was very small...
 i put my hands on my first SLR camera.
 i had no idea what i was doing.
 but that didn't matter.
 in my head there were no limits. 

today i took what little time i had left and went through my past work.
it was so enjoyable to look at my work from the start clear up to the present.
it was fun to see the growth that i've been through in the past couple of years.
not only in photography but as a person. i've grown into me.
i'm still working on me but i think i have a pretty good idea of what i want to become.
who i want to mold into. 
what dreams i will accomplish. 
i appreciate more now.
 i see more beauty.

 i cling to art more than i ever have.

i crave to create. 

all    the    time.

here are some of my first photos i took with my niece maddy jane.
these are taken with a nikon d40. my first SLR.

one of the things i've learned most so far is..
pictures don't have to be perfect to speak.
we aren't perfect.
i strive for perfection in everything i create but i most likely wont reach it.
 whatever we create wont ever be perfect.
thats the beauty with art.
thats when it is called art.
miss janika

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