Jan 10, 2011

and so it begins. first project.

this past weekend i worked on a little something for a project i'm doing for my nephew.
this project is NO WHERE near done but here is a little slice of the fun..
. . .

all i used was a little...

felt. glue. (didn't end up using the eyes). thread. and a good pair of scissors.

oh, and a little love too...

then i started too...

i cut out my pattern (little caesars pizza box)
i had to hand draw it. ok maybe my mom helped too.

cut out two pieces of white "tooth shaped" fun.
sewed the edges together.
stuff it with some secret fluffy stuff 
(hint: you stuff pillows with this stuff..)
turned it inside out..

then cut out and created by hand: little silly faces...

and thats...

the end.

it was a fun little project but... its not done.
not even close.

don't you wish you knew what the project was??
well, i can't tell you.
mainly because it isn't done.
just wait...i'll share it with you very soon.

peace out.
miss janika

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