Jan 8, 2011

something new..

                i tend to over clutter myself. i have too many passions. too many lists. too many projects. too little of time for more. since the new year i've decided to make some big organizational decisions. so far so good (woot woot). to make my life a little more organized and balanced (creativity wise) i've decided to add a few little projects to it & the blog. 
here they are...

on mondays i plan to blog about a little project i worked on during the previous week.
one of my other growing passions is interior design & fashion. this will be fun. and totally home made by me. stay tuned!


on wednesdays i plan to blog about my life as a photographer. i am going to take one day out of my week and have it be my "free day". i'll either take snapshots of my day/week or ramble about photography.

and last...
on fridays i plan to blog about my other passion, fashion. 
i will post on some things i wore during that week. also tips and things i love about it.

. . .
on other days i plan to post my most recent photography jobs i've had. like my, children's styled shoots etc.

i'm so excited. i love little projects!

p.s. feel free to invite anyone to follow my blog. i have told myself that i'm ok with making many friends. virtual friends are just as valuable as any others right??  i think so..

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  1. I'm so excited for these days! I can't wait to see beautiful pictures!