Jan 17, 2011

how about i make a lovely homemade necklace?

i actually made these necklaces for my mom, sisters, and nieces. 
they each got their own individual & unique one.
i have made it a tradition to make something each year for them.

what i used:
-felt (to back it for sturdiness & cute bows, not pictured sadly, that I made.) 

-cute little flowers. i picked out my favorites + the colors i wanted.
( i sadly didn't make these. should have though. next time.)

-hemp rope (for necklace). it ties in a cute little bow at the back of the neck.
ribbon could be fun too. 

-silver beads. (this was time consuming a tad) 
not all had beading--->like the first one pictured for example, didn't.

-needle & thread. of course!
 i stitched the flowers together how & where i wanted them placed.

- i sewed cute little buttons on the nieces necklaces. (only one pictured)

-i had to add my love as well. i have to add love to all my projects. it's always a must. 
(cream hearts glued on with fabric glue to clean up the back.)

.  .  .

...i should have made me one. darn.

i have three nieces. they all had unique ones. i should have photographed the other two. they were cute. maybe i'll add them another day:)


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