Jan 14, 2011

yay. first entry.

 if you love clothes let me hear you say it. (do you talk to your clothes too?)

i have a little teensy tiny problem.

so, you know how people collect things like stamps and stuff??
well, i collect clothes. 

 it's hard to collect clothes because you cant have this kind of collection without the special categories that go along with it. 

such categories like...

boots collections (photographed some of my favorites)

...and scarf collections...

 ...well, if i photographed all the clothing collections i have for this post,
 i'm afraid you would start judging me.
(ok fine, i'll do more next week.)

. . .
how to start your own clothing collection.

1. blow your paycheck
2. skip three meals a week and budget for clothes.
3. tell santa thats all you want for christmas.
4. make your own.
5. make sure you connect with each item you buy.
6. you must color coordinate your closet.
7. if your single..enjoy it while you can.
8. don't let anyone tell you it's a problem. it's not........(eek)
9. make sure you own at least one cardigan (or 20.)
10. be sure to buy extra storage bins (i may or may not have had to do this...)

stay tuned next week.
whats in your sock drawer??
i'll show you mine.

miss janika

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