Jan 24, 2011

spread the love (a little film from me to you).

everybody{love} from Janika Evans on Vimeo.

yet another project.

i will be making a video once a month (at least).

i am seriously so full of ideas and projects that i can't even sit down for one second
to watch a television show unless my hands are creating something.

have i gone mad? 
"all the best people are.." 

the little star in my film:
*miss madelyn jane jones (my niece)

.     .     .
there are two things everybody's moms taught them when they were little:

1. to share (repost/share with 
everybody you love).

2. to love (spread the love).
.  .  .

this video brings me pure joy.
seriously though.
i created it so that everyone can feel the awesomeness of love. 
it's all around us.
it's what life is about.
. . .

i love you.
xoxo-miss janika


  1. Janika- I love you! Awesome video! So talented and I love your blog!

  2. Janika... I love this video! You're awesome!

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  4. katinka you are so talented! I love it!