Mar 18, 2011

her name is heather..

she sews. 

 {hat and skirt made by her}
 {hat, skirt, jacket, made by her}
 {both skirts, hat, and jacket, made by her}
 {dress made by her}
{dress made by her}

 {dress made by her}
 {left photo: jacket, skirt, hat created by her.}

i only dream of making my own clothes.
i'm determined to one day.
i'm really craving an art project
(when am i not, honestly}
who wants to come make something with me?

thank you for this fun shoot.
we had a lot of fun putting the outfits together.
to see more of heather's work
(and learn how to do your own..)

xo. miss janika

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  1. I absolutely love her dresses! So cute! Not to mention she gets brownie points for having my name ;)

  2. She is so talented.. I wish I could make a dress! :)

  3. jankia! these are so great! what do you shoot with?!

  4. Thanks!! I shot on a d700 with my 50mm Lens. It's seriously my favorite lens as of now.

  5. Janika you are amazing. These photos are so artistic! I'm in awe of what you did with these. You are a fantastic photographer!

  6. These are simply fantastic! I think I'm in love with Heather!!! hahah! she's such a cute girl, and totally fun to shoot.
    I agree with you, I LOVE my 50 mm lens. I use it, I would say, 100 PERCENT of the time. Its my one true love.

  7. Thanks your so sweet:) heather is wonderful! So are you! I feel so blessed to be around such talented people!