Mar 21, 2011

subject: me (i'm sorry)

i don't talk about mushy things i'm a horrible first date i usually shove a whole pack of gum in my mouth my laugh is different everytime i love music i look up to people who dare to be different i have so many ideas in my head sometimes i make weird expressions i color coordinate my closet i always save any ticket stubs i'm scared of fire i can wiggle my ears i love swiss cheese i have kept a journal since i was eight i wish i still owned a trampoline 
i dream about moving in a home that is a empty/plain canvas for me to design on i give awkward hugs i love black licorice i braid my hair every night before i go to bed
now you know me just a little more.


  1. I love you Jan! You just make me smile!

  2. I didn't know you braided your hair every night. Is it in like one big braid? Does it make your hair wavy?

  3. All of these are reasons to love you even more!

  4. How do you do, Prettiest girl ever?
    p.s. You still up to that Mime shoot?

  5. I love black licorice too! It's my favorite candy and possibly even my favorite food! It's like we were meant to me roommates :)