Apr 24, 2011

happy easter.

today i'm grateful for the sacrifice that our savior made for us.
i don't let a day go by without thanking him for the beautiful things around me
and the inspiration he gives me.
. . .
i am so grateful for the beautiful spring gift he gives us every spring.
{spring blossoms}
. . .
there is no greater gift that can be given today, then the ones our lord has given us.

happy easter everyone.

i love you all, and am so grateful for the love and support i've received
countless times from you all. 
and the many new friendships i've gained.
xo- Janika Evans


P.S. view this great easter message HERE.

1 comment:

  1. Jan!! I love you soo much!!! Thank you for sharing your many beautiful talents with me and so many others!!! I am so grateful for you!! You an amazing person! And I look up to you so much!! xoxoxo