Apr 20, 2011

some spring on this rainy day.

i sat outside sunday and it was spring.
 spring for one whole day almost. 
i was at my grandparents house and swinging. this was an ideal day.
 it reminded me of being little and playing in grandma & grandpa's yard. 
here is a little film we made.
 i think it is probably the most meaningful to me but, enjoy it otherwise.

a queen in spring. from Janika Evans on Vimeo.
"its sunday, and birds are singing, and i am swinging. i feel like a queen." -me

to see more of my films i've created go HERE. 


  1. i get motion sickness pretty easily.. so this nausea inducing film didn't do much for me. sorry.

  2. This video is amazing!! It's sad when someone is such a coward to write a rude comment anonymously!! I'd like to see anonmous show there level of talent because frankly putting someone elses work down for your own sad enjoyment is just disgusting and nauseating!!

  3. I was only expressing my opinion. You can take offense if you wish but I think people need to hear all sorts of opinions if they wish to improve. Instead of making the comment, "oh cute, amazing etc etc," I simply said it's a little too shaky for me. It's otherwise an alright film! I don't have a blogger sign in account which is why I commented anonymously. My name is Lindsey if that makes you feel better!

  4. Janika, your work is always beautiful. I love it! I love how it sort of has like a vintage effect to it, it just makes it that much cooler!

  5. Janika I love it. This will always be a special video for you (and all our family) to look back on of our wonderful grandparents. I hope grandma will over come her cancer. I guess some people dont realize that this wasnt a "JOB" you did for someone. Its was for you. Grandparent s are so special..I love you, your talent is amazing to me.

  6. Dear Lindsey
    I agree that everyone needs to hear various opinions. However, we all need to remember that each and every individual has a life story to share; you have one, I have one,Janika has one, the entire world has one.

    This chosen format is one that Janika has elected to share individual chapters of her story, some chapters are shaky some of them are silly, some of them are sad, some are filled with elation but to say that this film was "nausea inducing" is mean and hateful. You DID NOT simply say it "was a little too shaky for me" If you are so prone to motion sickness you possibly should have considered not watching it.

    In the future please remember to choose your words carefully. The chapter of Janikas story that was captured so beautifully in this talented piece of art will be cherished for generations by a loving family living their story of cancer.

    My name is Allie and I do approve this comment.

  7. Jankia, this is beautiful just like every other piece of art you create. You are a truly brilliant and creative artist! "When encountering a petty person, or one of low intelligence we must show some compassion then gracefully move on." Love the film, love your grandparents, love you!

  8. So sweet and tender! Loved it!!! I remember when your Grandma helped out with costumes for the ballet...she was such a sweet lady!

  9. I am deeply sorry for my hurtful words. I somehow came across this blog and did not understand the meaning behind the video. I have other issues I've been dealing with and took out my anger on you--a sweet person who simply wanted to create a video for your family to enjoy. Please accept my apologies and I hope you always continue to create and do what you love.

  10. hi, you' ve got really cool things.
    what camera did you use?? I really loved your photography.