Apr 5, 2011

spring cleaning.

i have a lot of stuff. 
my room is covered in my art and "project materials".
i'm trying to organize it all. 
hello giant tupperware and plastic bags!
i have a fetish with storage bins and organizing bags etc.
 so this is a fun project for me.

when spring cleaning all you need is:
*music blasting.
 *an assistant (that doesn't distract you like mine does.) 
*a box of chocolates
*lots of intermissions for a mini dance party.
* a tooth brush. because lets be honest..it's more fun cleaning with one.

car is clean- CHECK
room is clean- CHECK
desktop on computer: CHECK

now i have time to go make something 
and create the mess all over again.

xo- Janika

1 comment:

  1. I love spring cleaning! :)
    lol at the poor monkey tied up hehe