Apr 8, 2011

this would be one of those projects that seems like a waste of time. but wasn't..

dear cereal, from Janika Evans on Vimeo.

this came into my mind one day so i decided to make a stop motion film about it.
true story friends.

what junk food should i give up next?  i know...no more oreos. i think i could do it. 


  1. LOVE it! And why the no cereal?! Keep making more films.....and someday with MY kids in them!

  2. cute. seems really time consuming to make a video like that! what did you make it for? a class for school? do you work other than doing photography? maybe you should make videos like this for a living. you'd be great at it!!

  3. Are you kidding?! A whole year?! Cereal is my go-to food when I'm ready to inhale a house after a long fast Sunday!

    Wow. That is self control woman. Is that your secret to being 2 pounds? :) Fun video BTW. Very creative!

  4. dear anonymous, (i wish i knew your name)
    No, haha i didn't make it for a class. i made it for fun. it's pretty time consuming but i enjoy the process it takes to create it. plus, the finished product is always rewarding after the hard work.
    I am also a professional ballerina and i teach ballet. thats my other source of income. I would love to make videos for a living!!

  5. hahaha emily, yes a WHOLE year! i know...
    after i found out how unhealthy milk was i decided not to drink it. i LOVED cereal but i don't crave it anymore. now if only i could give up cookies. maybe i'll give up one thing as each year goes on. hmmm...this gives me an idea..

  6. That was awesome! I love your style. I've been taking Jed's photography classes, and he told me about you, so I looked you up:) Sorry, if that's stalker-ish:/ (But at least I'm fessing up to it, right!? haha) Anyway, I love the videos you do. I would love to learn how to do that so I can make one for my kids someday:)
    Good job!

  7. Haha hi rachelle:) no not stalkerish at all! I'm glad you stopped by! Jeds classes are amazing!